How To Choose The Right Tarot Reader For YOU

Shopping for the right Tarot reader can be difficult and expensive! Read our 4 tips below.

Find a Personal Connection

It’s hard to know if you have a personal connection with a Tarot reader until you have actually had a reading with them.

So, we encourage you to get to know us (myself or my daughter), book your complimentary 3-card Tarot reading today!

Click on "Book a Reading" at the top of this page and select "Free 3-Card Reading".

Check the Fine Print

Unfortunately, there are a lot of "psychic" scams out there. Like, you may be strongly encouraged to make a second purchase after your reading, such as having to buy a spell to remove a negative energy, YIKES!

Here at Subtle tarot, there isn't any fine print and we don't sell spells. We make sure that you understand what you’re getting, and paying for... before your reading.

Reliable Booking

During the "book a reading" process you will have the convenience of selecting the right day and time slot for you.

Readings can sometimes be available on the same day, but typical openings are usually available within 24 to 48 HRS of the time of your booking.

Either way, you will know your wait time at the time you create your booking.

Look for a Code of Ethics

Ethical Tarot readers will have their own Code of Ethics, or a list of boundaries around how they will and won’t read the Tarot cards.

Here at Subtle tarot our code of ethics involves not reading for third parties who haven’t provided their permission, not reading on medical, legal or financial issues and not reading for minors.